Born in Los Angeles to hard-working, non-cooking parents.

Age 8; become highly unsatisfied with current state of household meals.  Start a revolution.

Slice thumb with serrated knife while cutting bagels; mom thinks the way my face lost all color is still very funny.



Head out east and compulsively eat my way through 2 years of culinary school.

      OCTOBER 1, 2005

Move to Manhattan. Become a working woman as a line cook at Union Square Cafe



Move back to hometown of Los Angeles. Currently a Personal Chef for multiple families.

       March 21, 2012  

Start this blog to keep myself (mostly) out of trouble.  Thanks for visiting!

First job: Starbucks. Favorite moment of those 2 years was the time a customer asked if we carried ***** flavored syrup. Guess that one out.

Get first real restaurant gig. Learn what a hotel pan is then watch the Executive Chef play guitar most days.



 Transfer to Gramercy Tavern. In it to win it. 

Drop braised cabbage in clog and badly burn left foot. Enough of the restaurant life that is slowly killing me...become a private chef.